Hard Money Lenders in San Diego California

Source Capital provides hard money loans to those who want to buy residential and commercial real estate. Headquartered in San Diego, Source Capital offers its services to whole California as well as Arizona. We offer loans funded by private capital that allows for fast processing and a flexibility that traditional institutions lack. For more info about hard money lenders in San Diego, please contact us now or call us at 858.705.6144.


Our investment requirements are mainly focused on the value of the property you pledge as collateral. The funds are made available as soon as the Deed of Trust has been filed and is further secured with a personal guarantee and a promissory note. We are a licensed, insured and bonded loan servicing company who offer the best terms for your needs.

With Source Capital, you are always in safe hands while dealing with commercial or residential hard money lenders in San Diego. Our founders have a diverse education and experience background spanning real estate, corporate finance and even sales. We offer the services of our legal counsel with decades of experience in making sure that the terms benefit both parties. We have established a trusting clientele who depend on our skills and knowledge to make the best use of all our resources in giving them the deal they want.

Source Capital works hand-in-hand with borrowers, investors and brokers to ensure that the deal is above board and you are in for a timely transaction. We offer the highest standards of business ethics, post-funding management and due diligence in every aspect of our business association.

We have made a name for ourselves with our hard work and fair principles. We have won accolades from the Better Business Bureau and have featured in many publications in the Western United States. Our reputation as California and Arizona’s premier small cap lender precedes us and shows our commitment to our clients. Various testimonials from our clients also showcase the fact that we have developed and maintained successful business relationships that are set to last a lifetime.