3.12.2012 – A Good Thing?

Don't miss this exciting once in a lifetime window of opportunity. The time to buy is now!

In any marketplace, price is determined by supply and demand. With the rise in  property foreclosures, there is an increase in real estate availability. Greater supply means a reduced cost. With so many people being challenged financially in today’s economy, the lower the cost of anything, including real estate, the more attractive it is.

The increasing affordability of property means more people can now buy. With every purchase, supply is lessened. A decrease in the supply will help gradually drive the real estate prices back up.

All of this is a positive for our hindered economy. If, however you want to take advantage of where the market is now, you need to act. It is impossible to determine exactly how long of a window we have, but experts state, time is limited.

Below is a link to a Forbes article providing more details on the this topic.

Can More Foreclosures and Falling Home Prices Actually Be a Good Thing?

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3.9.2012 – Meet Morgan!

Morgan and her sisters! Miranda, Meredith and Source Capital's Morgan in front on the right!

As the front desk representative, Administrative Assistant, Morgan Cahill-Marsland may be the first one you have contact with at Source Capital. Joining the team in April of 2011, she brings substantial skills to her role, along with her professionalism and an upbeat attitude.

“There are a lot of things I enjoy about my job.” This includes, says Morgan “handling loan documents and working closely with the legal team.” One of her favorite things is working with fellow team members, Sacha and Pat. She says, “They’re great guys and make it all fun.”

Morgan, who is also a Notary Public, looks at her career with Source Capital as a long term relationship. “When they hired me, they made it clear I was a valued part of the team and there are opportunities to get more involved.“ As she grows with the company, her goal is “to do more of what Pat and Sacha do.” She continues, “I want to eventually do underwriting and have more contact with borrowers, investors and escrow.”

Morgan received her undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado in 2008, majoring in psychology with a minor in chemistry. Following graduation, she moved back to her home base of Jacksonville, Florida. While there, Morgan worked as an executive assistant and office manager for a consulting firm. She was also and assistant to the manager of a large medical practice.

About a year ago, Morgan moved to San Diego after getting engaged to her boyfriend and now fiance, Brian who was living here. Morgan enjoys working out at the gym and living at the beach in North County. After attempting surfing, Morgan has decided, “the water needs to be a lot warmer. Like in Florida.”

We are glad Morgan is willing to tolerate our cooler waters. If you call 858.705.6144 or stop in Source Capital’s Rancho Bernardo office, be sure to say hi to Morgan! If you have questions about anything, she will know how to direct you to get you the answers you need.

3.7.2012 – Press Release

Source Capital is not only open for business, but they have an open door policy. Call, email or stop by the office for more information.

Source Capital has a literal open door policy. If you want to learn more about Source Capital as a company or have loan or investment questions, feel free to call, email or stop by the office. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Source Capital is located in Rancho Bernardo in North San Diego County. They are licensed to handle loans and investments throughout California and Arizona. Call 858.705.6144 or email via their convenient online form.

Source Capital’s latest press release at the link below, gives a great overview of the company.

Learn more about Source Capital… Check out our latest press release!

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3.5.2012 – Trust Deed Investments

Trust Deed Investments Give an Immediate Return

Because of past issues in the real estate industry, the government has gotten more involved, passing stricter laws to ensure a higher level of integrity. Source Capital is extremely thorough and meticulous in all aspects of their business. Whether working with investors, borrowers or any individual or agency, you can rest assured that all the right steps are being taken.

If you are considering trust deed investments, you may find the link below of interest. It is a document provided by the California Department of Real Estate. It’s dated 2007, but the overall information will still prove educational.

Learn more about trust deed investments.

For the most current information about trust deed investments, contact Sacha or Pat at Source Capital at 858.705.6144. Or fill out their convenient online form on their website. -Sindi Somers

2.27.2012 – Persistence Pays Off

Sometimes when we try something and it doesn’t go as planned, we can feel like we failed. If we don’t get the expected or preferred response or we feel rejected, we may want to give up. Just like a baby learning to walk that falls down many times before succeeding, we too must have the determination to pick ourselves up. Each time we do this, it makes us stronger and it becomes easier to move forward.

I wanted to share this experience from a satisfied client that after months of searching, found Source Capital. They were able to get their loan funded and complete their goal. Their persistence definitely paid off! What if they had given up along the way?

Don’t give up! Whether you want to purchase a home or commercial property or need a little help finishing your construction project call the experts at Source Capital at 858.705.6144. If you like us, LIKE us on Facebook! You can also follow us on Twitter @SourceCapital. -Sindi Somers

2.24.2012 – What’s Important to You?

Finding the right school for your kids is music to your ears and to theirs!

Relocating can be stressful for all involved. Diminishing any unknowns beforehand can help alleviate some of this anxiety. Before moving to a new neighborhood, you want to consider what is most important to you and your family. Not only price and physical location, but also safety and local crime rate, quality of schools and other information for that particular community. With this in mind, I wanted to share Trulio.com at the link below. I found it to be a helpful website. It provides an overview of the real estate market for the area you choose, including the aforementioned topics of interest. 

With the weekend upon us, those of you in the market may be out looking at open houses. Hopefully, the additional information provided at Trulio.com will help with your search and decision making process.
Once you find the home you want, consider Source Capital as your funding option. If you have been turned down by a bank for any reason, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Contact Sacha or Pat at 858.705.6144 to find out what alternatives are available to you. If you are active in social media, we would love it if you’d LIKE us on Facebook! Hope to see you around the online scene. Have a great weekend and if it applies to you… happy house hunting! -Sindi Somers 

2.22.2012 – Don’t Snooze and Lose

In addition to writing blogs, I write jokes and perform as a stand-up comedian. Recently a fellow comedian advertised that he was looking for people to perform in a show he was producing. He was aiming for an audience of 300 people. That’s a lot for us local up and comers. I wasn’t sure if my schedule would allow me to do the show. I waited two days to respond. Two days too late!

In my email to the producer, I wrote, “I know you snooze, you lose and I might be too late in responding…” And guess what?! I was! The show ended up having an attentive audience of 220 people! Guess I missed the boat on that one. Aaahhh lessons in life.

If you snooze, you may lose.

The world is full of opportunities. How we respond to them when they cross our path determines our future. Right now, our challenged economy has created an ideal time to purchase property. However, if you snooze, you may lose! According to the Reuters article at the link below, U.S. home sales are at the highest they have been in one and a half years! That is great news for America’s economic health and for those wanting to sell their homes. Since prices are always determined by supply and demand, as the supply decreases, prices are sure to rise.

Why wait?! You snooze you lose. Sleep is great, but wouldn’t you rather win?!

Buy before your opportunity goes bye-bye.

If you are ready to buy or invest money to help someone else buy or you simply want to learn more about your options, contact the professionals at Source Capital. Call 858.705.6144 or click this link to fill out our convenient online form. -Sindi Somers

2.20.2012 – Happy Presidents Day!

Regardless of your chosen party affiliation, today we celebrate Presidents Day in the United States of America. Intended to acknowledge our first President, George Washington, Presidents Day was originally implemented by an Act of Congress in 1879. It became the first federal holiday honoring an American Citizen.

Before become President in 1789, Washington was commissioned by Congress to lead the Continental Army that was effectively holding off the British in Boston. The British wanted to take over the land, Americans wanted to keep it. Although there may be varying sentiments, which provoke war, its foundation demonstrates the value of land. Owning land and protecting land. It is who conquers or protects the land that wins.

A Summary of the Revolutionary War

This may be an extreme example of the importance we place on property, but it’s interesting how many of us have an innate desire to own our own land. Owning property is valued as beneficial, and so often taught as something to strive for. The origination of this belief can be found far back in history.

If purchasing real estate is a current goal of yours, it can be frustrating if it seems unachievable. There is never just one way to do something. If you have been turned down by a bank or are hesitant to even try for a loan due to previous hardship, credit challenges, bankruptcy or even foreclosure, don’t give up! Consider alternative options. Contact our loan professionals at 858.705.6144 to find out what strategies you need to advance forward. Whether or not you can purchase today, you will have more information to help you better plan your attack. Knowledge is power! Let Source Capital help empower you.  -Sindi Somers

2.17.2012 – Meet Pat Hook

Introducing… Pat Hook! Pat is one of the founders of Source Capital, which began in 2006.

Source Capital Partner, Pat Hook

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Pat has been a resident of San Diego for the past six years. Before moving to San Diego, Pat had an adventurous career, which included working in Europe. After receiving his Finance Degree from Arizona State University in 1995, Pat worked for two large management consulting firms, Andersen Consulting and later Accenture. After gaining invaluable experience, his desire to live abroad led to his next consulting position. It was based in Prague, Czech Republic, which is where he met his wife, Pavla.

Focusing mainly on the legal and financial aspects, Pat serves as an underwriter for Source Capital. However, Pat is quick to stress, “We are a team.” Pat, Sacha and Administrative Assistant, Morgan Cahill-Marsland work closely together to support their clients. This creates a strong group of committed individuals with the common goal of achieving business stability and customer satisfaction every single day.

Interacting with people, is Pat’s favorite part of his job. He enjoys helping others and developing relationships with those involved with escrow, borrowers and investors. Pat is excited about learning and staying knowledgeable about the market. Stating enthusiastically, “Looking at interesting opportunities. Putting together the pieces of the puzzle to figure out what will work. Hearing people’s ideas and bouncing the ideas back and forth. Answering the question, ‘Can we put together a loan that makes sense?” Pat reminds us that this is a business and in order to stay in business, investors and Source Capital have to make money, “but what I like best is the art of the deal.”

In the coming years, Pat would like to see the company continue “to grow at a reasonable rate.” Explaining that Source Capital manages everything efficiently as things are. The saying, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind as he explains this. In keeping with maintaining the obvious strength Source Capital has, Pat would like to build the brand. He wants people to know what Source Capital is about. Integrity is a big part of that. Being in an industry with a known history of unscrupulous activities stemming from greed, Pat is aware that some may be hesitant to seek out a private lender. Source Capital has taken “the greed aspect out.” Not only is their clients’ well being important to them, but the Source Capital team lives up to a high standard of ethics. Meticulously abiding by all laws and licensing requirements and consistently treating clients and associates with respect.

Pat is active in the community as a Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer for children in need for Voices of Children in San Diego. He is a licensed real estate broker in California and a board member of the California Association of Mortgage Professionals. Source Capital also has a Mortgage Banker’s License in Arizona and Pat serves as the Responsible Individual associated to this aspect of their business.

Pat lives in North County San Diego with wife Pavla, son, Patrick and daughter Isabella. He enjoys staying active, running, volunteering and mostly spending time with his family, which includes a shared love of traveling.

If you want to learn more about Source Capital and the loan and investment opportunities available to you, call Pat at 858.705.6144. -Sindi Somers

2.15.2012 – Who Are They?

If you have questions about Source Capital and what they do in California and Arizona browse sourcecapital1.wpengine.com. It is updated daily, with information galore!

On Source Capital’s website, you can find interest rates, loan terms and beneficial information for brokers, borrowers and investors. My blog, of course is on there too, so feel free to read away!

One way to learn more about a company is to learn who they affiliate themselves with. Source Capital maintains membership in a number of organizations including, The Better Business Bureaus of San Diego and Arizona. The company is also involved with local charitable, non-profit organizations, including the Boys & Girls Club of Greater San Diego, the San Diego Humane Society, Special Olympics of Southern California and Voices for Children – San Diego.

Visit our Affiliations page to learn more about organizations that benefit our community!

Of course if you still have questions, you can call us at 858.705.6144 or email us via our website’s contact form. Click here for contact form. We welcome your communication! -Sindi Somers