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Arizona Private Money Lenders

Source Capital is a direct subprime and hard money lender in Arizona that utilizes its own investor capital and is licensed and insured in Arizona, California, Minnesota and Oregon. As a direct private money lender in Arizona, our track record of funding transactions throughout Arizona is solid and with over $1.4B in loans underwritten, we know […]

What is a Hard Money Loan, and How Does it Work?

Not everyone can qualify for a traditional loan. Banks and credit unions look to verify a recipient via a background and credit check. Once this has been processed, they will then evaluate the loan request, recipient, and decide whether they are worthy. In other words, banks and credit unions look for someone trustworthy to lend […]

California Private Money Lenders

We are a direct premier subprime lender in California that specializes in funding of commercial and residential real estate subprime and hard money loans in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Fresno, Irvine, Anaheim and other adjoining areas. Our distinctive approach to financing with private capital allows speed and flexibility that traditional banking […]

Minnesota Private Money Lenders

Source Capital has helped hundreds of borrowers, mortgage brokers and real estate professionals since 2007 to secure the financing they need. As a direct private money lender in Minnesota, our track record of funding transactions is solid with over $140M loans funded. We provide subprime and hard money loans in the twin cities of Minneapolis – St. […]

Where to Find Best Hard Money Lenders?

Need help with cash? Try Source Capital, a trusted name in hard money lending. Started in 2006, Source Capital provides hard money loans on the basis of equity in property in the United States. The cash loans are secured without much nibbling into the borrowers past and it is extremely fast. Processing a loan within […]

Source Capital Direct Premier Hard Money Lender

Source Capital is a specialist in providing residential and commercial real estate hard money loans in the California and Arizona. We approach financing with private capital that allows speedy and flexible processing more than banks. You can secure loans by signing of deeds of trust on real estate. The management team has a legal counsel with […]

Hard Money Lenders in Phoenix Arizona

Source Capital offers hard money loans to the people of Phoenix, Arizona, to help them buy commercial or residential real estate. We specialize in funding hard money loans in Minnesota and California too. In Phoenix, our clients benefit greatly from our approach to financing with private capital that allows speedy transactions and no red tape. […]