2.13.2012 – Invest and Receive

I don’t know about you, but having a personal recommendation for something makes me feel more confident in a decision. We all have limited information when we embark on a new venture. Below is a letter from a private investor sharing her experience with Source Capital.

To read additional client comments visit Source Capital’s Testimonial page. Learn more about available investment opportunities by calling Sacha or Pat at 858.705.6144. And one more piece of extra credit homework for you! Visit us on the social media scene on Facebook and Twitter! Thank you! -Sindi Somers

2.10.2012 – On Your Mark, Set, Yuma!

Give yourself the gift of a financially secure future.

I was browsing the internet looking for something to share with you. I came across some amazingly low priced, attractive real estate.  If you are considering purchasing property as an investment you are in the prime window of time to do so. You may think you can’t take advantage of this awesome buyer’s market. Perhaps you have challenged credit or previous bankruptcy, foreclosure or other stumbling block that has caused the banks to say no.

All lending institutions, whether traditional or not have certain criteria to consider when agreeing to loan money. However, there are differences. I will attempt to create an analogy to clarify. I have a sales background. When having to approach businesses, I always preferred smaller, independently owned companies to larger corporations. Why? Because I didn’t have to try and get through a fortress of people just to get a yes or no. Instead of wasting my time with red tape and the stress from weeks or months of waiting, I could get my yes or no quickly and painlessly.

At Source Capital there is no middleman. Nor is there someone in a back office that can walk out at the last minute and decline something that you thought was on its way to getting approved. Nothing hidden. No unexpected surprises. Just real people helping other real people get the answers they need and want.

You will find the Source Capital team in one lovely office suite with a welcoming assistant and two understanding company partners, waiting to help. Finances are a personal thing. They know that. Asking for a loan, especially if you have been turned down before may make you feel vulnerable and hesitant to ask again. I encourage you to give it at least one more chance. If you have some money that could be used to buy an expensive or inexpensive piece of land, the point is to buy now. You don’t even have to live in the state where the property is located. Which brings me to today’s internet detective work.

Maybe you'll find your dream home. Maybe you'll find a home that is a stepping stone to your dream.

Did you know you can buy decent homes for under $60,000 in Yuma, Arizona?! I didn’t know this juicy piece of information until today. It made me very excited. I can’t afford to buy an expensive home, but a relatively lesser priced purchase like that may not be far from my reach. Especially with some loan assistance from Pat and Sacha. I don’t have a desire to move to Yuma, but I do want to own property!

I know there are other areas of Arizona and California where you can find some amazing real estate deals, but start off by looking at Yuma to help get some optimism about your possibilities! Below is a link to Yahoo’s Real Estate section. Check it out and change your perspective.

Yuma Real Estate – Just One of Your Many Amazing Options!

Whether you want to go for your dream home, a fixer upper, potential rental or commercial property, consider what you can do today to enhance your financial security tomorrow. Call Pat or Sacha at 858.705.6144 for support and answers to your loan and investment questions.

I love doing research. If there is a topic you would like me to blog about, send me a private message or tweet on Twitter @sourcecapital. Let’s compare notes on how we are going to start investing to create future security. -Sindi Somers

2.9.2012 – Why Real Estate?

With all that has happened economically in the U.S. in the last several years, it is no wonder people are shy about investing. No matter how wealthy someone is, the goal of investing is to make money, not lose it.

I like the information in the article at the link below. It highlights the many advantages of investing in real estate.

Why invest in real estate? Here’s why!

Remain in the driver's seat while still receiving all the perks of having your own chauffeur.

Besides purchasing property yourself, there is another way to invest in real estate. If you don’t want to be hassled with tenant issues, grounds upkeep, remodeling or the actual buying and selling process, you may wish to consider private investing. As a private investor, Source Capital loan professionals work as a liaison between you and the borrower. They take care of legalities, paperwork and negotiations. This low risk option is like a having a discreet chauffeur while not having to give up the control of being in the driver’s seat.

To learn more about investment opportunities, contact Sacha or Pat at 858.705.6144. Source Capital is also on Facebook and Twitter. Hope to see you on the social media scene! -Sindi Somers

2.7.2012 – Like and Follow!

I will admit that I have become addicted to the social media scene. First it was Facebook. Then after much resistance, I became a Twitter tweeter. Well, guess what?! Source Capital is active on both of these too!

If you are reading this blog, you may have found it on Facebook or Twitter, if not on our main website. If you haven’t found us around town on the internet, below are some links to help you out!

We would LOVE it if you would LIKE us on Facebook!

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Get social with Source Capital!

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We welcome you to forward our blog posts and links to anyone that you think may benefit from the services we offer. Whether looking to invest or obtain a loan to purchase property or complete a construction project, contact Pat or Sacha at 858.705.6144. They can answer your questions and let you know what you need to do to take your next step. – Sindi Somers

2.6.2012 – Meet… Me!

Source Capital. They are about more than just real estate. They're about people.

People make a difference. Not only can we make a difference in others’ lives, but every business and organization is literally a sum of its people; its management, staff or volunteers. Take out or add one person to any group and the dynamics change.

Over the next few weeks, to help you get to know Source Capital better, I will be introducing the individuals that create this committed team. To make it fair, I will start today with myself!

As a consumer and a member of the labor force, I choose the groups I affiliate myself with based on how I am treated by by the associated people. I consider their attitudes and levels of sincerity and integrity. I work with Source Capital, because I not only get to pursue my love of writing, but I also believe in what they are doing. I have faith in their word and their actions.

Coming on board to Source Capital as their marketing and media content writer has been exciting to me. With every conversation and related task, I learn more about the investment and loan process. Being someone who has never purchased or invested in real estate, I have an eyes wide open curiosity. Everything is new to me. I believe many do not know that this alternative source of funding is available. I am also aware that not all potential investors, know Source Capital has options that may interest them. Both counts are important to get out to the public. The more people that buy and the more people that invest, builds a stronger community by delivering more active money into the marketplace. I am thrilled to be in a position to share this beneficial information.

In addition to writing blogs and other content for Source Capital, I have been a contributing writer for San Diego Pets Magazine, since 2008. Through my writing, as well as interactive sessions, I educate people about holistic pet care. I offer behavior and nutrition consultations, training and alternative approaches for wellness for both people and pets. I have always had many interests. Besides topics related to marketing and animals, I write jokes and perform as a stand-up comedian.

I love my different career ventures and spending time with friends, my beautiful dog and sweet Grandma. – Sindi Somers

2.3.2012 – Win or Win

Today I had a very enlightening conversation with Capital Source partner, Pat Hook. I now have a better understanding of how their investment process works. It is much simpler than our analytical brains want to make it. I am going to break it down for you.

  1. You are looking for a sound investment opportunity.
  2. Contact Source Capital and meet with Pat and/or Sacha.
  3. Decide on a loan you wish to fund.
  4. Borrower receives the loan you funded.
  5. You start collecting monthly payments from your borrower.
  6. At the end of the loan term, you get the money you initially invested returned to you in full.
  7. I am not kidding. It is that simple and that low risk.

It's easier than a game of chess and the chance of winning is much greater.

I was excited to find out how unbelievably secure this investment opportunity actually is. In today’s economy many individuals and small businesses need a little jump start or assistance to continue moving forward. You can help them and they can help you. Strengthen your local community, by putting more money into it. While at the same time, increasing your financial stability. It’s a win win.

Ready to make your move? Call Source Capital at 858.705.6144.

2.2.2012 – Your Golden Years

I hope we are all smiling when we get there!

Imagine nearing 100 years old and having the sense of security of owning your home outright. I know senior citizens that have set themselves up in this way. Whether providing a rent free place to live or an asset to sell if needed to pay to live in an assisted living facility, owning a home free and clear in your golden years will certainly lessen your stress. For those with children or other younger loved ones, having something substantial to leave them can be a priority for many also.

Below is a link to an article featuring an analysis by Kaiser Family Foundation. It reports that nearly half of Medicare beneficiaries are at or near poverty level. Imagine being in that situation and having to pay for a roof over your head in addition to other expenses.

47% are at or close to the federal poverty level.

The choices you make today are deciding your tomorrow. If you need help with funding property to take steps toward creating long-term security, contact Source Capital at 858.705.6144. Loan experts, Sacha and Pat can give you the information you need to make it happen, whether now or down the road. It’s never to early or too late to plan for your future.

If you have a particular topic you would like me to blog about, contact me on Twitter @sourcecapital. – Sindi Somers

2.1.2012 – In the News

Okay. So, we may not be famous, but we are pretty cool! If you want to learn more about Source Capital, visit the press page on our website at the link below. Here you can you review the numerous articles about Source Capital. I also encourage you to listen to the audio segment featuring Source Capital owner, Sacha Ferrandi on the national radio show, Property Beat.

Source Capital in the News!

Source Capital has news you can use.

We are in the news because we have news to share. If you have further questions or if what you have learned has motivated you to take the step, call Sacha or Pat at 858.705.6144.

1.31.2012 – Knowledge is Power

The unknown can be scary. It is actually fear that keeps many of us from moving forward with things we want to do. If you are in need of funding for a new home or commercial property don’t be intimidated to ask for it. If you’ve been turned down by a bank it may have drained you of your optimism. Wouldn’t you like to find out what it will take to get funded?

It may seem overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you call Source Capital you will be able to talk directly to the owners of the company. You won’t be transferred around or have to waste time with a middleman. Source Capital’s owners, Sacha and Pat have an open door policy. They are available and happy to explain the ins and outs of the loan process. Let them demystify it for you. Allow the knowledge you gain to diminish any hesitation you might have.

Whatever you find out will put you steps closer to your goal. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “knowledge is power.” Let Source Capital empower you.

Below is a testimonial from a client that reflects what it is like doing business with Source Capital. Call Sacha or Pat at 858.705.6144 and get the answers to your questions.

1.30.2012 – Easy as Pie

I like the expression, Easy as Pie. Maybe it’s because I like pie. Chocolate cream is my favorite. I also like it when things fall into place easily. When you are craving pie, one thing that makes things easier is when someone bakes it for you. They do the work. You enjoy the results.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a strong work ethic and am fulfilled by a job well done. And I’m not just saying that because my boss is going to read this! Seriously though, we all put plenty of work time in. It’s nice when someone takes some of the load off our shoulders.

You might be asking yourself, “What is Sindi talking about? What is her point?!” I’m talking about making money. I’m talking about making your money work for you, instead of you working for it.

When you choose to become a private real estate investor with Source Capital, the loan professionals do all the work. They’re on the front lines making sure clients are happy and everything flows smoothly. Meanwhile, you are vacationing by the pool enjoying your well deserved piece of the pie. You reap the rewards of their hard work. They knead the dough. You just collect it. Learn more about Source Capital’s private investment opportunities at the link below.

Be a Private Investor with AZ and CA’s Premier Small Cap Hard Money Lender

Let them work your dough. Then you enjoy the sweet rewards.

Ready to make your money work for you? Call Sacha or Pat at 858.705.6144.