1.16.2012 – Buying a Home

Hello! My name is Sindi Somers. I am excited to be working with Source Capital to help bring you information about the Arizona and California real estate market and investment trends. Like most Americans, I grew up with the goal of one day owning my own home. The article at the link below confirms that despite what happens to the real estate market, home ownership is highly valued and still considered one of the most sound investments.

Buying a Home Remains the American Dream

I want to comment on the point made in the article regarding rental housing playing an integral part in community development. I understand this and validate it is important for overall economic health. However, in regards to my personal finances, I have nothing to show for the thousands and thousands of dollars I gave to landlords in rent over the years. I will never see any return from that money. Renting is always an option, but if presented with the opportunity to purchase, I believe we should.

When the time comes for me, I am glad to know that if I don’t qualify according to a bank’s rigid standards, I will be given a chance by a private lender. If you have questions or would like to see me blog on a particular topic, send me a message via Twitter @sourcecapital.

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