1.17.2012 – Get Returns Like a Rock Star

Imagine walking to your mailbox and pulling out an unexpected check later this month. Then doing the same next month and the month after. What if in order to get that check you didn’t have to do any hard work. No stressful negotiations or other problematic situations. If this sounds good to you, you may want to consider becoming a private real estate investor.

I equate being a private real estate investor to being a much sought after professional actress or singer. Hence, Rock Star Returns!

Get returns like a rock star!

Long after a TV show or movie is released, book is published or CD is recorded, money is collected by actors, authors and musicians. After investing their time and creative thought they receive returns in the form of royalties. Similarly, long after lending financial support, a real estate investor also collects “royalties.” The investment firm does all the work. They absorb client’s stresses, fill out tedious paperwork and keep everything organized. You do, basically whatever you want. Regardless, that monthly check will arrive.

With the questionable economy and changing real estate market, some may hesitate at such an opportunity. However, according to a CNBC article not only is real estate an esteemed investment, but the U.S. is slated to top the international market in 2012.

The U.S. Tops as 2012 Property Investment Pick

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