1.26.2012 – Shop Online

We all seem to be overwhelmingly busy these days. Rushing from here to there. Multi-tasking whenever possible. Trying to satisfy all of our commitments, while still fulfilling our personal goals. This fact has motivated us as a society to find ways to save time, however we can. Shopping online is one time saving technological advance that has infiltrated many industries. Even real estate!

Shop for a home while enjoying your morning coffee.

You may not actually be able to pull out your high balance credit card and purchase your new home online, but REALTOR.com gets you started. This comprehensive website allows you to do your initial research on your schedule. Instead of wasting time jumping from website to website to see who has what, just enter your desired location and criteria and view at your leisure.

This site appears to list residential only. Although it may not include every single property, it has enough to keep you busy for some time. It is actually the Official Site of the National Association of REALTORS. So I think they have some connections. They capitalized realtors, so I did too!

Shop for your house online at REALTOR.com!

Once you find the home you want, contact Sacha or Pat at 858.705.6144 if you need help with funding. During your complimentary consultation with Source Capital, you will learn what you need to in order to purchase your property.

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