1.18.2012 – A Yard for Fido

I’m an animal lover. My life is blessed with a big dog full of love. Whenever it is time for us to find a new place to live, the challenge begins. Not only will I be looking for a new home, but I am faced with the reality that not everyone wants to rent to those of us with pets. Those of us with large dogs and multiple pets have an even tougher time convincing landlords that our companion animals aren’t like that! I love the apartment ads that read, “pets allowed.” Then in the small print, “must be under 20 pounds!”

Along with size and number limits, if you have certain breeds you may need to consider sleeping in your car. Akitas, Chows, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Siberian Huskies, and other deemed potentially “dangerous breeds” are not allowed in some rental residences. Owning your own home obviously takes away this added stress.

When you own, you get to decide who lives with you, whether two legs, four legs, talons or fins! You also have the power to choose an environment fitting for you and your pets. Whether the important criteria is a large, secure fenced yard or a one story rambler to accommodate senior companion animals.

You’ve probably heard it said that this is the time to buy. It really is. The market being on the upswing is a good sign for buyers and investors. The prices are, however still extraordinary. If the bank has turned you down, a private lender might be the answer, so you can take advantage of the current market status.

Okay. So let’s imagine that you have secured financing and are ready to start planning your housewarming party. What about insurance? Dog liability coverage falls under the umbrella of your home insurance. Did you know that some insurance companies won’t insure you if you if you have what some may consider a “dangerous” breed. There are breeds, which are simply blacklisted by some companies. Anything can happen. Not just dog bites. The friendliest of dogs can cause damage to property. An exuberant dog may knock down a child when saying hello or injure a fellow dog when playing too rough. For safety and peace of mind, dog liability insurance is a necessity.

As someone active in the San Diego County pet community, I am happy to report that one company stands apart. Einhorn Insurance will not refuse coverage based on dog breed. They are active with various rescue groups throughout southern California and oppose breed discrimination. Check them out at the link below.

Einhorn Insurance will insure your home no matter what kind of dog you have!

Contact Source Capital with your investment and funding questions. We want to help you purchase that special home with just the perfect yard for Fido. If you want to say hi to me directly, message me on Twitter @sourcecapital. Thank you! -Sindi

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