1.27.2012 – REAL Estate

If you have money to invest you are certainly feeling cautious as to where to put it. Today’s economy seems to bring a higher level of unpredictability. Regardless of the market however, real estate is still esteemed as a good investment.

Investing in something tangible means security. Real estate provides real collateral. If I had a choice between a stock certificate and a house, I would hands down choose the house. We have all lived through stock market crashes. I found this list compiled on Wikipedia.com to be interesting. It dates back to 1720 and includes last summer’s drop, which is still effecting today’s market.

List of significant stock market crashes from 1720 – 2011

What does a bull have to do with money again? Invest in REAL estate. Leave the bull for someone else.

For more information about Source Capital’s private investment opportunities, contact Sacha or Pat at 858.705.6144. It’s called REAL estate for a reason.

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