1.25.2012 – Thank You

We all need to make a living, but at Source Capital it is about more than that to us. Being in a position to help individuals and families achieve their dreams, especially in our stressed economy is truly fulfilling. All of us on the team love what we do!

We appreciate our clients and are always glad to hear from them. Here’s a letter we received from a family who recently purchased a house. We’re so happy they can enjoy the new year in their new home!

We can help you and your family too!

If you are ready to find out what your options are, contact Sacha or Pat at 858.705.6144. Remember, even if you have imperfect credit, a previous bankruptcy, or even a foreclosure you may be eligible for a loan with Source Capital. You’ll never know till you try. Give us a call and you may be in your dream home in the new year too!

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