1.19.2012 – Got Money Under Your Mattress?

Although some were previously in denial, we all now know the United States is not a financially secure country. This, of course effects all of us living here. We hear stories of a potentially bankrupt Social Security system, which is troubling. Social Security has always seemed like a given. Something we, as Americans could rely on. There are debates on both sides. Some argue that the system is already failing, while others try to reassure us by discrediting skeptics. Even with Social Security, more and more people are realizing it alone is not enough.

The future will come, whether we are ready for it or not. Taking responsibility for ourselves and our financial health is crucial in these unstable economic times. With less companies paying into 401k plans and employees losing their jobs and potential pensions or taking early pay outs, financial security into our golden years is less certain than ever. Who will take care of us if our money or the government’s Social Security funds run out? There is no guarantee any of us will be taken care of. That is why investing as much and as safely as possible is essential.  

They may be good watchdogs, but there are more secure places to put your money.

When looking for a place to invest, many turn to the stock market. This is terrifying to some. With the recent devastating crashes, the stock market has less supporters. Below is a link to an article on our failing stock market. Although some still invest in it, it is sometimes simply because they are unaware that other, more secure options exist. I imagine that the last paragraph of this Reuters article, mirrors what a lot of investors are feeling. They want to invest, feel the stock market is not a good investment, but don’t know what other alternatives are available. 

Stuffing our cash under the mattress certainly won’t make it grow!

Losing Faith in the Stock Market Article

If not the stock market and not under the mattress, where should we put our money? Private real estate investing is a well respected option, more are delving into. Regardless of the market, Americans continue to buy residential and commercial properties. Contact Source Capital at 858.705.6144 to learn more about this proven long term investment plan. Taking important steps now, will help secure your financial future.

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