2.9.2013 – First Time Home Buyer News

Don't let lack of funding or a slow moving loan process keep you from buying your dream home!

Buying your first home can come with mixed emotions. It can be exciting, fun, scary and also be stressful. Not only is applying for your first home loan a learning experience it can also be a slow process. That’s okay, if time is on your side, but in many cases, it simply is not. Although active and prominent first time home buyers are a sign of increased health in the market, they are currently facing some issues. Because the market is getting healthier with less foreclosures and more sales, supply is diminishing.

Along with less property availability, first time home buyers are finding it is not just them racing to purchase. They are having to compete with financially sound investors with cash in hand, ready to buy on the spot. Because first time and many other groups of home buyers have to rely on a bank loan for financing they are often pushed out of the race. The slow processing time makes someone applying for a home loan no match for an investor that can pay full price immediately in cash. After all that extra time spent waiting, the borrower may not even get the loan, due to the stringent guidelines and criteria traditional banks are required to abide by.

The article at the link below highlights the current market and the large number of first time home buyers present. It explains more about their situation, including the competition they are currently faced in the marketplace.

First Time Home Buyer’s and Their Issues in Today’s Market

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