2.1.2013 – Dow Jones Home

San Diego County’s Rancho Santa Fe is a beautiful and prestigious area. A number of billionaires are reported as having homes there, including Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates. Below is a UT-San Diego article about a couple from a well known family with their home up for sale. Click the link to see the home belonging to members of the family that used to own Dow Jones & Company.

Family of Former Owners of Dow Jones & Company’s Rancho Sante Fe Home

You can view more Rancho Sante Fe homes, as well as others on the market in California and Arizona at Trulia.com. Just click the link below.

Homes in Rancho Sante Fe and Elsewhere in California for Sale

Rancho Sante Fe is just one of the many beautiful areas of San Diego County. Check out the amazing skyline!

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